Objective: Identify linking opportunities of Salvadoran Diaspora communities with their home country.
Objetivo: Identificar oportunidades de vinculación de la Diáspora Salvadoreña con su pais de orígen.

Friday, June 11, 2010

English: Two weeks

Last Thursday I went to what was probably my last trip to San Salvador. I had no interviews to do, but I needed to extend my entry permit as initially the immigration officer gave me 90 days but, counting day by day from March 26th to June 26th, I will stay 93 days. The permit was extended without problems and now I am ready to go… well not that fast. These two weeks that I have left will be busy ones. I have the information, I have part of my report, but there is still so much to organize in order to complete this report that I can certainly say that I will be sitting in front of the computer 14 hours a day! The draft has to be completed by June 15 in order to have a translation ready by June 23rd which is the date I put myself as a target to deliver the document.

And two weeks has passed since I had three visitors in El Salvador. The first one was Agatha, the tropical storm. It hit mainly Guatemala, but El Salvador was within the area of influence and we received a lot of rain. It was that much that the government declared national emergency to have rescue services ready in case of flooding or mountains collapsing.

The second visit was a group of 11 young people from Norway and Bolivia who stayed in the same house I was staying. I was totally over numbered by them, so I had no kitchen, no TV, and no internet in the house. It was just saturated. They stayed 18 days in total.

Fortunately for me, I had my third visitor, my wife. She arrived the same day the Norwegian/Bolivian group, but we had booked some days to go to the beach, so we went. We came to Suchitoto three days later and found a house that was just not available for us. We decided to spend the rest of the night of her visit in a very nice local hotel. When she left, I went back to the house which was still full of people. Luckily I had programmed some interviews in San Salvador and I went away for another three nights. But reality was waiting for me in Suchitoto. The last six days of this overcrowded house experience was OK, they were nice, but I must tell that it was just too many people for the facilities of the place.

Now I am back to “normal”. There are some guests in the house, but in reasonable numbers. I hope it stays that way because I need reliable access to internet in order to complete all my tasks before traveling back to Canada on June 26th, which is just two weeks from today.

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