Objective: Identify linking opportunities of Salvadoran Diaspora communities with their home country.
Objetivo: Identificar oportunidades de vinculación de la Diáspora Salvadoreña con su pais de orígen.

Friday, June 18, 2010

English: Another day

86 days, 45 interviews, 5 trips to San Salvador, and 3 scorpions later, my report is done!!! Unless something extraordinary happens, tomorrow I will print some copies of the final version and then I have to start reviewing the translation. I wrote in Spanish but the report is needed in both English and Spanish. My final days I will be organizing the databases collected, the documentation received, and also preparing a presentation for June 22 at Es Artes to some CUSO-VSO staff and other guests.

Today I feel a little lonely. I met some friends at Lupita’s place and I ate a “pupusa” with lemonade. However, I felt a little weird. I was not there… maybe because about one hour earlier I had a conversation with my wife and she was not feeling well. My mind was in that conversation with her, and not in the one happening on Lupita’s table.

This loneliness makes me remember some days ago, when the energy went down at night for two hours. Like today I was alone here with my computer on. At the beginning I though it will be the usual one-minute cut, but this time it did not come back, so every single mosquito and the like started to be attracted by my screen. Just two minutes later it was so bad that I had to close the computer and be in the dark for a moment to get rid of the mosquitoes. Then I went to my room using my cell phone as my lantern and picked up my flashlight, and I went to the kitchen to prepare my meal. Good cell phones exist; that was the way to call the owner of the house and ask her for a candle because there was none available. My survival cooking skills where good enough to prepare something decent under a candle light: meat, a carrot, and a piece of bread. After dinner I went to my room to try to organize some papers. The energy came back before 9 pm. It was a black out that affected four Central American countries.

Coming back to tonight, I feel tired. I think it is the effect of several nights of watching the screen writing, reviewing, re-writing, ands re-reviewing again. I just want to close my eyes, and sleep for hours… until the singing of the roosters in Suchitoto remind me that tomorrow is another day.

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