Objective: Identify linking opportunities of Salvadoran Diaspora communities with their home country.
Objetivo: Identificar oportunidades de vinculación de la Diáspora Salvadoreña con su pais de orígen.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

English: In the finals

Last Tuesday some CUSO-VSO staff came to Suchitoto to have some meetings with the Mayor and also, some of them, to know the Es Artes project. I took the opportunity to prepare a presentation of my research, so the people will have a better idea of the results, first hand.

It was a good feeling to have the presentation because I felt that the job was completed. The report was delivered, and now the information is in the hands of those who can make decisions in the future. Somehow I feel a little sad because I will not take part of what will happen next. In the report I made some recommendations, I propose certain actions, but it is up to CUSO-VSO to do something.

Es Artes' heart

On my side, I feel good with the experience. I learned a lot, met great people, and enjoyed my time. Tomorrow is my last day in Suchitoto. I bring with me good memories, some anecdotes, and specially, a new view of what development means and what life is really about. I learned that there are lots of things that can be done, but those things have to mean something, otherwise life becomes empty. Tito put it right this morning in our coffee break… we need to work for projects with a heart; if the project loses the heart there is no reason to stay there. On Saturday, I will be back in Toronto, taking back my life with this new perspective. I hope to find an activity with heart to continue my journey.

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